Email Referral System: Alchemist City

We built our own custom-developed referral web application for Alchemist City.
Growing an email newsletter-first media publication that needed quality subscribers.


Alchemist City is a startup niche publisher that needed a way to achieve organic subscriber growth. We created an entire web application for email subscriber referrals. Then we integrated this new technology into their email service provider (ESP) of choice.

Alchemist City now has an internal dashboard to review and manage their subscribers that’s constantly cross-synced to their ESP, with automated systems for tracking and sending out rewards as their audience gains referrals.

Thousands of new organic subscribers
each month. Zero paid media.

The publisher was receiving a modest few hundred new subscribers per month before the referral system kicked in. Afterwards, that number of new subscribers skyrocketed to three thousand average subscribers a month! All through a referral email marketing system.

Key Services Highlight +

  • Email technical development
  • Creative email design and copy
  • Customer tracking integration

“The subscriber increase was insane. I’ll list the stats for you, so Colagrossi
Media doesn’t have to. 1300% signup growth in our first 3 months with 45%
open rates, 6-10% click-thru-rates that eventually laid the groundwork for
advertising monetization”

- Charles D.

Email technical expertise

  • Email referral system built from scratch
  • Custom web development
  • Automated lifecycle emails

We were able to take our email development expertise that’s usually our forte with ecommerce and SaaS email marketing clients and build an application that’s based around email referrals. It’s safe to say that our knowledge of email marketing expands outside the in-box.

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