Ecommerce: The Beard Club

Jumpstarting an ecommerce subscription company's email program.
Helping a startup lifestyle company grow revenue through email marketing.


The Beard Club, a men’s lifestyle company, was looking for an email solution that would restart their dormant email channel, improve their communication with customers and maximize revenue through lifecycle email marketing.

In short, they really needed everything email from A-Z; setting up email campaigns, transactional admin emails, and long-term strategic implementation and consulting.

Colagrossi Media delivered on everything.

Boosted revenue, Big ROI wins.

Colagrossi Media's automated email series accounted for $2 million sales lift in one year and
garnered incredible customer engagement.

Key Services Highlight +

  • Email template design
  • Technical integrations
  • Lead sign-up generation

“Colagrossi Media created new email automated series developed where there were none before, which included a unique welcome series, cart abandonment and re-engagement campaigns, amongst countless others. They successfully developed a multichannel strategy around blog content and video content that aligned with our overall brand promotions.”

– Dan D., Creative Director

Primary Winning Ecommerce strategies

  • Designing and deploying email templates
  • Integrating customer data into a new ESP platform
  • Creating a cross-functional marketing calendar + planner

We started with designing emails that matched the ecommerce brand’s identity, migrated nearly a million active subscribers to a new email platform and rebuilt the email program from the ground up. Our team met for weekly strategy meetings and were available within an hour’s notice for day-to-day implementation and communication.

By the Numbers

Abandoned cart conversions increased by more than 66.5%. Through email we slashed churn rates from a high 15% turnover rate to less than 7.5% –– two and half percentage points better than the ecommerce and direct to sale subscription-box industry benchmark average.

“They’re incredibly knowledgeable about email marketing and aligned their creative work with our unique brand’s voice.”

Through our work with The Beard Club, the ecommerce company now has a profitable and efficient email program that's completely optimized on all fronts.

Now they can focus their efforts on continued promotional campaigns, ongoing retention initiatives and list growth, while making email the most profitable digital channel for their business.

Building Brands Through The Power of email marketing

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